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Most businesses are wasting money in 3 critical categories. We provide a ProfitAbility Assessment
to identify key areas in your business where taking action will be most effective at maximizing profits.


When most business owners think about the major components determining the success of their business, they often first refer to their pipeline and how much cash is in the bank. What may get forgotten or overlooked are the fundamentals at the root of each of these major components. At Majestic Consulting, we have identified 3 basic principles that directly impact the overall success of your business, starting at the roots.

Majestic Consulting works closely with business owners to first understand the details of their business; how they operate, what they do and what they may like to change. After all, we wouldn’t expect to offer you a solution to a problem and know nothing about your business. At Majestic Consulting, we have created a tool that helps with the first step into identifying the areas of your business that may be holding you back and highlights the areas we can further develop where you are thriving. We call this tool the ProfitAbility Assessment.

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The ProfitAbility Assessment is compiled of questions coming directly from our experiences with making companies stronger. Throughout the last few years, we noticed a pattern for the reasons our customers were coming to us in the first place. We dug deep into that pattern to help diagnose and prevent the practices of an unhealthy business. We think these areas might surprise you.

Principle 1, Knowing Your Numbers. This is, by far, the most critical and is the foundation of the three principles. If you don’t know your numbers, your ability to assess the financial well-being of your company suffers. Through our process, we have simplified the complex by creating a system to view your P&L in the context of productivity. This enables us to determine your strengths and weaknesses, suggest solutions to stop profit leaks and build action plans for ongoing ProfitAbility.

Principle 2, Culture. Many companies try to be all things to all people, but that approach simply doesn’t work – you must pick a lane. You can choose to have the lowest price, or to provide the most value at a fair price but you can’t do both. A lot of organizations struggle with having a culture mis-match. They look to attract customers who will pay for value and loan officers who want world class service, yet are afraid of not having the lowest price on the street. As a business, you can’t pay a fair commission rate, attract the best operations staff, and still have enough profit left over to make it worth your while as an owner, all the while trying to be the lowest price on the street. However, when you define your ideal customer and narrow your focus you dominate your market. Our ProfitAbilty Assessment helps you do just that.

Principle 3, Recruiting and Retention. A by-product of culture, you must first define who you are as an organization before you can recruit and successfully retain your talent. Many companies struggle in the recruiting arena because of not having defined their culture first. Subsequently, they fail when they go out to the market to identify a loan originator who may be a good fit with their organization. In addition, if they haven’t spent enough time on profiling who their ideal candidate is, their recruiting efforts will also fail. Typically, when a candidate doesn’t work out either the organization wasn’t clear on who they were looking for or they compromised their values out of desperation to fill a desk. We provide a systematic approach for identifying weaknesses in this area of your business as well as action plans to improve results.

Helping you build a better mortgage business

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At my previous company we hired Tom to teach our p&l based branches profitability. Every one of them saw an immediate impact on their P&L.

Tom E.

When Tom introduced the Profitability platform it struck me as a way of running your business like a grown up. Of course, at that point in time, my business wasn't quite ready to take on the challenges of adulthood. You will use Tom's Profitability platform to run your business. You'll either do it now or you'll do it when you start your next business after this one has collapsed. I feel that strongly about it.

Dean Harrington

What Tom has done with business Blood Pressure is simplify my financials, in real time, so at a quick glance I can recognize when my business starts to drift off course.

Brooke Anderson

I sent a message to a top-producing Realtor in my area via a Facebook message using a script from the NextGen Originator training program. Even though she already had several lender relationships in place and said she never gives loan officer meetings, she agreed to meet with me. She was so excited about what I showed her that she shared her ‘shoebox of maybes’ (385 leads) to get started on the Path2Buy system.

Kelly H

I was really struggling with how to continue to be successful in this business. After completing your NextGen Originator training program, I feel like a born-again loan officer! I now have something to talk about, that sets me apart, when meeting with Realtors.

Ellen R
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